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En.: Traditional (hypnosis)

Следуя Вайтценхофферу, мы можем отнести к традиционному гипнотизму все, что делалось после Бернгейма, до появления нового гипнотизма, который Вайтценхоффер предпочитает именовать «нетрадиционным гипнотизмом» (Weitzenhoffer, 1989).

Традиционный гипнотизм предполагает использование авторитарного подхода, в противоположность новому, так называемому разрешающему гипнозу. Кроме того, традиционный подход базируется в основном на прямых внушениях, тогда как новый подход использует преимущественно предложения и косвенные внушения.

На наш взгляд, главные различия между традиционным и новым подходами объясняются лежащими в их основе гипотезами. Невысказанное не остается без эффекта, а эффекты различны.

Вайтценхоффер определяет свой собственный Подход как «полутрадиционный», он остается на полпути между названными выше подходами, то есть использует разрешающую и косвенную тактику, сохраняя относительную верность традиционной гипотезе.

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Источник: Ж. Годэн. Новый гипноз: глоссарий, принципы и метод. Введение в эриксоновскую гипнотерапию/Перев. с франц. С. К. Чернетского. - М, 2003 г

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Hippocampus-dependent and associative memory in mice subjected to acute predator stress

Fesenko G., Shunk E., Gorenkova N., Kovalzon V.
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The article considers such personality traits as persistence, responsibility and sociability in the vein of the system-functional approach to the research of the personality and their impact on successful foreign language learning.
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Kotov A.V., Novikova A.P.
For the undergraduate students in the course of a long observation period (one academic year) the test study has investigated the temporal dynamics of the personal-level determinants of purposeful behavior achievement motivation, and cardio-respiratory support of its implementation in the emotionally intense periods of learning activities in terms of using a rating system of knowledge assessment system and pass/fail. It is shown that a stable low level of AM (achievement motivation) provided different versions of intersystem relations of cardiovascular and respiratory functions under-rated and unrated system of education.
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Imaging processes of working memory by localization of activated frequency-selective eeg generators

Danilova Nina N.
The new method of microstructure analysis of oscillatory brain activity was proposed for studying the structure and dynamics of working memory. Mapping local network activity according to dipole localization of frequency-selective gamma and beta generators supports the leading role of frontal areas in processes of working memory. The retention of information during the delay interval is presented by joint activity of frequency-selective gamma and beta generators which provide the integration of frontal areas, associative, visual cortex and cerebellum. The joint activity of the gammaand beta-generators has a wave-like character and is modulated by low-frequency wave activity.
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Conscious self-regulation of voluntary activity: differential approach

Morossanova Varvara I.
This research is devoted to the investigation of the role of conscious self-regulation in human development and activity. The concept of conscious self-regulation of a subjects voluntary activity and the history of its research conducted in Psychological Institute RAE are discussed. The results of the research dedicated to the typology of individual styles of self-regulation and their relationship with educational and professional activity effectiveness are presented. Personal dispositions have specific influence on the individual peculiarities of regulatory profile. It is concluded that the integrated system of individual self-regulation includes dynamic and content aspects of a personality, its conscious and subconscious structures for development and achievement of goals.
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Modular organization of mechanisms of achromatic vision in human and animals

Chernorizov Aleksander M., Shekhter Evgenija D.
Psychophysiological research into achromatic vision in humans and vertebrates displays that light intensity is coded by a two-dimensional excitation vector. The components of that vector are responses of brightness and darkness neurons (or, according to another classifi cation, onand off -neurons). It means that a current sensation of brightness is determined by a corresponding interrelation between activities of those two systems responding in opponent way to light onset and off set. The present research is devoted to testing of a hypothesis asserting that two-module organization of achromatic vision is a universal principle of brightness coding in a wide raw of animals including invertebrates. The paper represents certain results of registration and analysis of electroretinogram and total activity of the optical nerve in snail Helix lucorum to diff use light fl ashes of diff erent intensities. The obtained experimental data, along with the already existing reference data, allow us to assume that onand off -systems may constitute the neural basis for brightness coding in the invertebrates. The peculiarity of onand off -systems in vertebrates is that they are formed already at the photoreceptor level.
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Cognitive aspects of athlete activity

Veraksa Alexander N., Leonov Sergey V.
Article is devoted to the issues of symbolic mediation and diagnostic of time perception in sport. Distinction between iconic and symbolic mediation is discussed. Evidences of eff ective implementation of symbolic mediation in sport are examined. Means of optimization of sportsmen and sportswomen training by the instrumentality of symbol are considered. The results of time perception diagnostic of Russian synchronized swimmers are described. It was shown that sportswomen are greatly varied in accuracy and stability of reproduction of long (2-5 sec) and estimation of short (less than 250 ms) time intervals, which were fi lled with diff erent contents ticks of metronome, persistent sound, pressuring the button and etc. The improvement of individual characteristics of time perception is an important psychological resource of sports achievements increase.
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The role of consciousness in human cognitive activity

Allakhverdov Victor M.
The problem of consciousness is examined in the article. It is argued that all the existing approaches to consciousness do not explain the role consciousness plays in human life. An attempt of revealing and describing the principles of the minds work is made. Experimental phenomena observed by the author and his followers, particularly, the tendency of previously non-realized ideas not to be realized subsequently, are reviewed. The discussion of these phenomena allows to formulate a novel view on the nature of consciousness.
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Effect of imagination on sport achievements of novice soccer players

Veraksa Aleksander N., Gorovaya Aleksandra E.
This article describes the connection between the use of types of mental imagery by athletes and the level of their imagination. Taking the model of imagery use suggested by K. Martin, S. Moritz and C. Hall, the authors used a Russian version of The Sport Imagery Questionnaire (SIQ) with soccer players 8, 10 and 14 years old. The data shows that subjects with a higher level of imagination are more inclined to use mental imagery in their practice. Age diff erences in types of imagery usage are shown. The results indicated that mental-imagery training can result in enhanced performance among junior athletes.
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