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Software reliability. What is it?

Dmitry A. Maevsky, Igor A. Ushakov, Ludmila N. Shapa
This article is about how the confusion of terms can give rise to confusion in the approaches and methods, and bring to a deadlock the whole research area.
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The effect of a reading comprehension software program on student achievement in mathematics

David E Proudfoot
In an effort to increase student achievement, research was conducted to determine the degree in which a reading comprehension software program effected the reading and math abilities of fourth and fifth grade students.
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Complex software devices chronodiagnostic and biocontrolled chronophysiotherapy

Загускин С. Л., Гуров Ю. В.
Разработан комплекс методов и 14 программно-аппаратных устройств для контроля и коррекции функционального состояния человека, диагностики, прогнозирования, профилактики и лечения различных заболеваний.
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The software solutions of the problems of the biomedical information processing

Tychkov Alexsandr Yurievich
The modern development of the technique and technology promotes the improvement of the programs and device to registrations and processing biomedical to information in system of the diagnostics and preventive maintenances of the p
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Modeling and research of chaotic Rossler system with LabView and MultiSim software environments

V. B. Rusyn
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Software Development for Custom-Made Two-Photon System for Implications in Neuroscience

Maxim Doronin, Alexander Popov, Sergey Makovkin, Yulia Dembitskaya, Alexey Semyanov
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Programming as a part of the Software Engineering education

Olga Maksimenkova , Vadim Podbelskiy
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Mobile Learning Systems in Software Engineering Education

Liliya Andreicheva , Rustam Latypov
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Telemedicine with smart software for retinopathy of prematurity screening: experience from a program

Trese M. T., Denisova E. V., Katargina L. A.
Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) remains a leading cause of preventable blindness in premature infants worldwide. ROP screening is the most important part of ROP care, which determines proper timing for treatment.
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Application of multiple criteria decision making in the selection of digital forensics software

Stanivukovic Dejan R., Randjelovic Dragan M.
Nowadays there is almost no criminal offense in the investigation of which digital evidence does not play a key role.
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Software People 2011 - конференция о людях и по

7-8 апреля 2011 г. в Москве состоялась конференция Software People 2011, которую посетили 400 человек и около 10 000 удаленно посмотрели прямую онлайн-трансляцию.
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A method of a priori Software reliability evaluation

Dmitry A. Maevsky, Svetlana A. Yaremchuk, Ludmila N. Shapa
In the given paper a method of a priori evaluation of the amount of latent faults, the estimated latent defect density and their determination probability in Software before testing process is described.
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Estimating of critical software latent faults presence with required trustworthiness

Boris Konorev, Vladimir Sergiienko, Vyacheslav Kharchenko, Grygoriy Zholtkevych
The estimation of latent faults probability is a key indicator for quantitative assessment of critical systems reliability and safety.
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Preoperative planning software in vertebrology: issues and outlook

Fedonnikov Alexander S., Kovtun Anatoly L., Kossovich Leonid Y., Kirillova Irina V., Kolesnikova Anna S., Norkin Igor A. N
It is established that relevance of the use of computer systems of the preoperative planning in activities of scientific and medical staff was confirmed 62.3% of the respondents. According to the survey 34.
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A research on forest road planning and projecting by InROADS software in Bolu Region of Turkey

Murat Demir, Tolga Ozturk
The computer software and hardware is extensively and effectively used especially in many countries of the world for the solution of complex problems.