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Источник: Оксфордский толковый словарь по психологии/Под ред. А.Ребера,2002 г


Относительно редкая аббревиатура для обозначения условного стимула; преимущественно используется CS.

Источник: Оксфордский толковый словарь по психологии/Под ред. А.Ребера,2002 г

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Scope of Thesis Research in the Area of Physical Science Education

Vladimir Laptev, Lyudmila Larchenkova
We have analyzed the topics of the candidate’s and doctor’s degree theses on theory and methods of teaching physics defended in 2000–2015. In the paper, we justify using a thesis database to identify the key areas of research in this field. We describe how thesis topics are distributed across levels of education (secondary and tertiary), how topics of the theses dealing with tertiary education are distributed across specializations and areas of research defined by the formal specialty description. We also identify the most active research topics in theory and methods of teaching physics as well as top-priority research avenues for the foreseeable future.
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School Readiness of First- Graders and Associated Factors: Identifying Region-Specific Characteristi

Alina Ivanova, Marina Kuznetsova, Sergey Semenov, Tamara Fedorova
The regions of Russia enjoy substantial autonomy in shaping their own education systems. However, there is very little objective empirical data on specific features of the development, for instance, of preschool and elementary school children in the regions. This situation renders it difficult to make informed decisions on any corrections required to meet region-specific needs. We analyzed the basic mathematical and reading skills of preschoolers in two regional capitals — Krasnoyarsk and Kazan. We applied the IPIPS study, which allows for assessing the skills of children starting school, to a sample of about 2,750 first-graders in the two cities. As we found out, the level of basic mathematical and reading skills correlated most strongly with such factors as sociocultural capital, early childhood education experience, and language spoken at home. Meanwhile, location in a specific region had virtually no impact on the skills analyzed.
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Science and religion

Grigoryan Ernest
The main aim of this paper is to undertake a comparative scientific analysis of religions on the basis of the well-known theoretical foundation developed by Jean Piaget. The special feature of his approach is its logical and mathematical underpinnings. We use them to resolve disputes among religious systems. In this case we are obliged to refer to that level of reality which can be disclosed to us only by means of corresponding logical and mathematical tools. Such an apparatus and its accompanying map of reality is a necessary component in the study of what is at essence an evolutionary biological and social process, which is what we are namely dealing with in terms of the analytic study of religions. This fundamental proposition regarding the connection between logical-mathematical coordination and the morphogenesis of life ought to provide the basis for ongoing progress in unifying the religious worldviews within the framework of the most highly developed and universal among them. My overall thesis is founded on the overwhelmingly universal character of Christianity, encompassing within its embrace all the other religious methodological approaches in the form of partial and particular instances, though not their entire religious teachings.
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Science on systemic improvement of human activities

Khovov O. B.
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School disadaptation in children with speech underdevelopment and its prevention

Kornev Alexander N.
350 7 to 14-year-old students of a special school for children with severe speech and language disorders (SLD) were tested through psychological, neurolinguistic and clinical methods. It was a longitudinal study. During 4-5 years of studying at the special school, the majority of speech and language impairments reduce and communicative skills grow up. But the other students demonstrate regress of adaptation skills, intellectual efficiency and increase in restlessness, aggressive behavior, mood disorders, and neurotic disorders. We recognize it as the state of exacerbation. Comparative statistic analysis reveals that this state occurs mostly between 9.5 and 11.5 years of life. 50% of the decompensation cases observed occurs in this age range. The data obtained gave us an incentive to develop a prevention program. The target group included a population aged 9.5-10 with PSU (PPMI-program). The 2-year experience of incorporating the risk subgroup of SLIC into the PPMI-program gave a positive return. The amount of decompensations reduced significantly. Intensity of psychopatological disorders decreased.
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Scientific definition of personality, its content frequency and antinomian formulas, personological

Valentin Rybalka
The article presents the scientific definitions of personality, proposed during the second half of the nineteenth to the twenty-first century by domestic philosophers, psychologists and educators. The author carried out a formal ortonomical, content-frequency and antinomical analysis of their contents, as well as characterized personological intelligence of psychologists and teachers.
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