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Автор: [отечественный] [зарубежный] Время: [современное]


Пропорция событий в популяции, не обнаруживающих определенные характеристики и вследствие этого отличающихся от обратной пропорции событий р, таким образом, р + q = 1.

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Источник: Оксфордский толковый словарь по психологии


Сокращенное обозначение: 1. Квартильного отклонения. 2. Когда указывается нижний индекс – квартиля: Q,, Q2, Q3 обозначают первый, второй и третий квартили. 3. Вопроса (question), при этом А означает ответ (answer) 4. Опросника (questionnaire).

Источник: Оксфордский толковый словарь по психологии

Q (questionnaire data)

данные, получаемые при помощи опросников, анкет и прочих стандартизованных методов.


Источник: Дифференциальная психология, глоссарий

Найдено научных статей по теме — 9

Qualitative characteristics of functional readiness among female athletes of different sports qualif

Tatiana S. Chernova, Gaik D. Aleksanyants
Functional potential of an organism among sportsmen is mainly conditioned by the following features: power, mobilization, efficiency and steadiness and they are considered the main characteristics of physiological systems activity, which determine and limit a high level of special sports physical working capacity, which is an integral index of functional readiness. Material. Comparative analysis of the development level of the main qualitative characteristics of functional readiness among female athletes of different qualification, who specialize in athlete all-round competitions. Research methods: scientific literature analysis and summarizing, testing, comparative analysis, methods of mathematical statistics. Results. For the set objective realization, the research work was held among two groups of female athletes, who specialize in athlete all-round competitions. At rest and in case of physical loads the indices, which reflect qualitative characteristics (functional qualities) – power, mobilization, efficiency and steadiness of organism functioning were determined. It was revealed that the parameters of morpho-functional power have bigger values among more qualified female athletes. At the same time, this advantage is not so significant and is within the range of 1,0 10,7%. It is shown, that the parameters, which reflect mobilization and utilization opportunities of an organism among the female athletes of different qualification on the average differed insignificantly in both groups of female athletes. At the same time, the indices of functional steadiness in the groups of female athletes of different qualification differed significantly: more qualified athletes validly exceeded qualified ones – to 9,0-14,3%. Also more significant and mainly statistically valid was the preponderance of the qualified female athletes concerning the indices of functional efficiency (to 6,4-16,4%). Conclusion. The received results lead to the conclusion that the level of the organism functional readiness in general (in integrative expression) and its different qualitative characteristics is considerably higher among highly-qualified female athletes, who specialize in athlete all-round competitions, in comparison to qualified ones. The greatest differences between highly-qualified and qualified female athletes are in the parameters of functional steadiness and functional efficiency.
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Question-asking behavior as a form of cognitive activity in primary school children

Baranova Elvira A., Nikolaev Evgeni L.
Children’s questions are an indicator of active cognitive perception of reality. Questions but not answers are relevant in revealing a child’s mental life, consciousness and thinking. The lack of question-asking skills can hinder learning, searching and exploration in children. to determine in 7and 8-year-old school children the common and variable peculiarities of designing a search process for necessary information concerning an unknown object by volitionally formulated questions, as well as the dynamics of the questioning process throughout a school year. The study was based on an experimental methodology, codenamed Guess what there is in the box, and was conducted in four schools in cheboksary. The sample comprised 158 primary school first-graders who took part in a confirmatory experiment twice, once in September and once in May. The research showed that 96.3% of the questions asked were search questions. only 30% of the first-graders initiated their searching activities of their own will without having to resort to the given search algorithm, while 70% did not begin asking questions without outside stimulation. The analysis of the dynamics of children’s question-asking behavior exhibited a tendency to decrease in a number of questions asked over the course of the school year. Primary school children need psychological and pedagogical scaffolding aimed at developing a question-asking behavior as a form of cognitive activity to achieve a possible age potential in development.
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Qualitative syndrome analysis by neuropsychological assessment in preschoolers with attention defici

Solovieva Yulia, Quintanar Luis
The basis of this article is A. R. Luria’s conception of the qualitative approach in neuropsychology. Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity is one of the most frequent clinical diagnoses given during preschool age. However, precise qualitative neuropsychological criteria for analysis of this clinical diagnosis do not exist and change from one approach to another. Our objective here is to propose such qualitative criteria for neuropsychological analysis of children with diagnoses of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity at preschool age. We follow clinical methodology that is traditional for historical and cultural neuropsychology and is an alternative for the psychometrical and cognitive approach. The methodology of the study was qualitative neuropsychological assessment of the syndrome followed by detailed consideration of the types of difficulties in each case. The study analyzes mistakes and typical examples of execution of the tasks of neuropsychological qualitative assessment by regular children and by children with attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. The results showed differences between these groups of children. The children with attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity made a lot of mistakes during assessments. Their difficulties are related to unfavorable conditions in the three functional brain blocks according to Luria’s conception. We conclude that “attention” cannot be considered the only or the main problem in children who receive this diagnosis by psychiatrists and neurologists.
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Quality management of the educational process in physical education based on phase-by-stage control

Grigoryev Valeriy I.
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Qualitative methods in socio-pedagogical research as a means of building social intellect

Gordin Alexander I.
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Quality of life and relation to disease in patients with bone sarcoma

Shchelkova Olga Yu., Usmanova Ekaterina B.
The study aimed to investigate the basic aspects of quality of life and relation to disease in patients with malignant or premalignant bone tumors. Study participants (N=82) were aged 18 to 67 years (average age 34 ± 2 years). They were separated into three groups depending on diagnosis: patients with osteosarcoma, patients with giant cell tumor and patients with chondrosarcoma. The SF-36 health Status Survey and the Quality of Life Questionnaire Core 30 with Bone Metastasis (BM22) Module were used to assess patient quality of life. The type of relation to disease method (TOBOL) was used to determine the relation to disease of the patients. According to the results of the quality of life study, patients with giant cell tumor exhibited the highest degree of limiting physical activity and reduced social functioning, the greatest financial difficulties and more pain sites than either patients with osteosarcoma or patients with chondrosarcoma. The study of relation to disease revealed that all studied groups of patients were susceptible to ergopathic and sensitive types of relation to disease. Moreover, patients with giant cell tumor experienced increased levels of tension and irritability with respect to relation to disease and treatment, while patients with chondrosarcoma were more susceptible to anxiety and hypochondria with respect to relation to disease. Patients with different types of bone tumors have different experiences with respect to their physical and mental health, their social functioning and their general health. The results of the study may be useful in developing individualized psychological aid programs for patients with malignant and premalignant bone tumors.
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Quantitative estimate of the macropsychological state of modern Russian society

Yurevich Andrey V., Ushakov Dmitry V.
The authors give the quantitative estimation of the macropsychological state of modern Russian society based on its political, social and economic characteristics. For these purposes the composite index of the macropsychological state of society is developed. It combines two secondary indexes such as a societal psychological stability index and a societal socio-psychological well-being index.
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Q-сортировка в педагогической диагностике личностного развития

Козырев Федор Николаевич
Рассмотрены этические основания, теоретические посылки и процедурные аспекты применения техники Q-сортировки в педагогических исследованиях. Показаны особенности статистического анализа данных вынужденных распределений. Важность внедрения техники в практику педагогической диагностики духовно-нравственного развития школьника обосновывается в свете задачи синтеза эмпирико-аналитических и гуманитарных подходов к изучению личности. Некоторые возможности техники продемонстрированы на результатах ее апробации в школах Санкт-Петербурга.
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Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of persistence of students with different levels of pro

Kozhukhova Yu.V.
The article deals with the results of the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the parameters of persistence of students with different levels of progress in learning a foreign language carried out in the vein of the system-functional approach to the research of the personality.
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