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psychose passionaelle

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psychose passionaelle

Относительно редкий вид бреда, когда человек считает, что другой человек, обычно занимающий высокое социальное положение или знаменитый, очень сильно влюблен в него. Также называется чистой эротоманией и синдром Клерамбо.

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Psychosocial stress versus physical environment increased sensor responsiveness and lability of the

Lyskov E., Hansson Mild K., Medvedev S.
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Psychosemantic approach to studying gender role attitudes

Petrenko Victor F., Mitina Olga V.
This article concerns studies devoted to the analysis of stereotypes of womens behavior using a method of plural identification. This method has developed within the general psychosemantic approach and allows to study not only well realized social and mental representations, but those deep and implicit, too. The article describes three experiments. All of them are cross-cultural. In the first and the second experiments attitudes of Russian and Azerbaijan respondents were compared. The third experiment is focused on comparing the feedback received from Russian and US samples. It has been shown that cultural influence is more important than gender influence when we deal with attitudes towards female behavior and life scenarios. That means that positions of men and women of the same culture have more in common than responses pf women or men from different cultures. The method permits to conduct cross-cultural researches into different (sub)cultures both in one country or in different countries.
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Psychosemantic approach to art (on a material of cinema)

Petrenko Viktor F., Sapsoleva Olga N.
This article discusses an application of psychosemantic methods for the analysis of viewer understanding. As an example, the movie Sibirskiy Tsiryulnik (The Barber of Siberia, directed by a famous politician N. Mikhalkov) is taken, where Russian and American mentalities are juxtaposed. Basing on the works by M. Bakhtin and G. Kelly the concept of art construct is introduced. For the construction of semantic spaces of fi lm perception the method of attribution of motives to fi lm characters deeds was elaborated and used with the G. Kellys triadic method, followed by factor analysis.
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Wu-xing for psychology – an ancient model to discuss psychosocial evolution and degeneration

Felix Badelt
While the Yin-Yang system describes polarity in nature, Wu-xing – known as the Traditional Chinese System of 5 Elements – deals with its diversity. Looking upon it as a key natural principle of possible interactions, the same pattern is here applied to living nature and to psychology, where five main human aspects (contact, care, order + responsibility, self-limitation and own realization (growth)) are regarded as interacting in the same way as the Chinese elements fire, soil, metal, water and wood. Typical examples of behaviour, emotions and thought patterns are attributed to each of the five aspects, and listed in the sense of thesis – antithesis, active – passive, towards oneself – towards others and positive – negative. Additionally, the western sixth element “air” is regarded in this article – interpreted as the whole network’s atmosphere, through which personal libido, pleasure (from inside) and personal environment (from outside) have remarkable influence on the duration and thus on the weight of each of the five main qualities of this “Five Phases Rotation System”. As illustrated, dynamic and harmonious psychosocial evolution usually goes along with clockwise support and diagonal limitation of their components – equally distributed influences of environment and sufficient own libido close to contact provided. In contrast to such an idealized dynamic, everyday life is frequently threatened by various possibilities of malfunction in the system: Partial contra-clockwise rotation, shortcuts, dominating phases causing diagonal suppression or even contra-clockwise diagonal disregard. Examples taken from everyday life concerning frequent thinking, behaviour and emotional processes underline the value of this originally Ancient Chinese pattern – extended from the author’s western point of view. Thus Wu-xing offers a theory of Salutogenese (health education) and encourages dialogue between intercultural philosophers, medical psychologists and pedagogic trainers.
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Human evolution based upon Old Chinese patterns? Rationally realizing psychosocial evolution through

Felix Badelt
Polarity regarded as a cosmological principle and applied to psychology enables to describe stressful or healthful dynamics. Old Chinese YinYang interpretations encourage to look upon this subject also from a western point of view by including a further approach from Hegel’s western philosophy: Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis. In this article common western terms of everyday thinking, feeling and behavior are listed up as complementary polar pairs. On this base different sorts of polar dynamics (causae formales) can be distinguished. In nature opposites do not exclude each other but are understood as partners, the wellbalanced cooperation of them enables human evolution step by step (the symbol of Taiji illustrating a possible causa finalis), whereas polar dynamics like misbalances, deficits of both sides, extreme fluctuations or conflicts between the poles can lead to (severe) personal and psychosocial problems. This can be interpreted as aberrations or negative causae finales. Examples from everyday life are given.
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Increase in psychosocial status of school age children with dentomaxillary deformities

Karimov Dilshod Madjitovich, Gulyamov Surat Saidvaliyevich, Pulatov Oybek Abdumutalovich, Mahkamova Feruza Tashtemirovna
Most people have problems with their appearance, are ashamed of their external view and that has negative effect on their life. To avoid such cases it should be begin from childhood. As a rule, correction of these states is a mission of orthodontist and intervention of children’s psychologist. Fifty children with occlusion deformities have been examined.
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Adaptation resources in subjects with social and psychosomatic disadaptation: a comparative analysis

Deyneka Olga S., Isaeva Elena R.
In the context of changing socio-economic conditions, it is very important to study the mechanisms of human adaptation and disadaptation. Coping strategies and psychological defense mechanisms, combined with the value system, were considered adaptive resources. human response to uncertainty, stress or the frustrating factors of the social environment involves different levels, and consequences could be canalized in different ways. To carry out a comparative study of adaptive resources in patients with essential hypertension (psychosomatic disadaptation) and the unemployed (social disadaptation). To diagnose defense mechanisms, the LSI questionnaire by Plutchik, Kellerman & Conte was administered to the subjects. To study coping behavior, La-zarus's WCQ method was used. To assess values, an authorial technique by Deyneka was used. There were two study groups and one control group. In total, there were 165 subjects in the study (55 in each group). The mean age was 42.6 years, and there were 40% men and 60% women. In the unemployed group, defensive and coping behavior was characterized by excessive use of escape-avoidance and high levels of repression of traumatizing information, and in psychosomatic patients with essential hypertension there was excessive use of the coping style “ accepting responsibility ”. Specificity of the problem areas of value systems in the two groups was found. Essential hypertension patients are characterized by problems in family relationships and by intrapsychic problems (horizontal conflicts). The unemployed are burdened with conflicts in the systems “employee-management”, “citizen-state”, and “individual-the world” (vertical conflicts). These results could be helpful for specialists in helping professions in their attempts to find reasons and problematic areas of individual's disadaptations at different levels.
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