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см. Ego. Personality-функция self'а отвечает за "вербальное представление субъекта о самом себе", за тот образ, в котором человек узнает себя. Иначе говоря, это функция интегрирования всего жизненного опыта, лежащая в основании ощущения самости. Эта функция особенно проявляется в конце цикла контакта, когда актуальная ситуация заканчивается, в момент отступления (усвоения опыта, обогащающего личность человека - personality).

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Источник: Ч. Райкрофт. Критический словарь психоанализа. СПб., 1995 г.516

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Personality traits and success in foreign language acquisition

Krupnov A.I., Kozhukhova Yu.V.
The article considers such personality traits as persistence, responsibility and sociability in the vein of the system-functional approach to the research of the personality and their impact on successful foreign language learning.
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Great ideas in Russian psychology: personality impact on psychophysiological functions and causal ap

Mironenko Irina A.
Russian psychology has brought into the world science at least two great ideas: the conditioned refl ex (Pavlov) and the zone of proximal development (Vygotsky). These concepts were formulated before iron curtain fell. Since then Russian science dropped out from the view of western colleagues for decades. Now it is challenged to re-join international mainstream. Are we in a position to contribute? A key concept for Russian psychology is personality impact on psycho-physiological functions and causal approach to self-determination. The concept of selfdetermination appeared in Western theories in 1980-es and since then it has been developed in the context of teleological humanitarian approach. In Russian science the concept of self-determination dates back to 1934, when it was defi ned by Rubinstein as subekt. Self-determination of ontogenesis of psycho physiological functions resulting from confl uence of ontogenesis and social development was explicated by Russian scientists whose theoretical reasoning and empirical results are compared to Western counterparts.
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Personality and self-regulation as determinants of rational decision making in a political voting si

Indina Tatiana A., Morosanova Varvara I.
The association of self-regulation and personality factors with rational decision making was investigated using an experimental model of political voting. The results revealed diff erent sets of personality characteristics for rational and emotional voters. A self-regulation/personality typology of decision making was then constructed, and traits representing self-regulation, cognition, and personality were examined as predispositions toward rational decision making. As a result, specifi c connections among these variables were uncovered, through which the primary role of the conscious self-regulation system in the management of rational decision making in a political voting context was established.
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Innovative potential of personality: systemic anthropological context

Klochko Vitaly Y., Galazhinsky Eduard V.
Conceptual grounds of the system anthropological psychology, that allow to represent the innovative potential of a personality in the context of understanding the mechanisms of self-development of a person as an open self-organizing system, are discussed in the article.
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Vygotsky's Hamlet: the dialectic method and personality psychology

Bayanova L.F.
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The influence of self-esteem on the emotional state of an athlete as personality

Vysochina N.
Annotation. Studies and analyses the influence of psychological factors on the emotional state of an athlete as personality. Scientific literature elucidates poorly the impact of self-esteem on the emotional state of an athlete as a factor promoting optimization of professional activity, which has made this problem very interesting for the study. The aim of this study is to trace the relationship between the self-esteem level and emotional state of an athlete personality as a factor promoting optimization of professional activity. The following methods were used: theoretical analysis, compilation and systematization of data from scientific literature. Research shows that the level of self-esteem exerts direct effect on the emotional state of an athlete, which predetermines his professional results.
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Religious influence of personality and activities of athlete

Шемет Ирина Сергеевна, Густова Людмила Владимировна
Formulation of the problem of religious influence on the athlete's personality and activity is in the present paper. The authors present their approaches to the phenomenon of religion, and the results of a series of empirical research on the relationship of the individual levels of religiosity with the results of sporting activities, personal qualities of athletes.
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1-я Всемирная конференция по проблемам личности — 1st World Conference on personality

Стрижицкая Ольга Юрьевна, Петраш Марина Дмитриевна, Головей Лариса Арсеньевна
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Scientific definition of personality, its content frequency and antinomian formulas, personological

Valentin Rybalka
The article presents the scientific definitions of personality, proposed during the second half of the nineteenth to the twenty-first century by domestic philosophers, psychologists and educators. The author carried out a formal ortonomical, content-frequency and antinomical analysis of their contents, as well as characterized personological intelligence of psychologists and teachers.
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Psychological culture of personality as a factor in the prevention of professional deformation

Ovsyanikova Yelena Alekseyevna, Savelyeva Irina Vladimirovna, Dolzhenko Natalya Igorevna
The article presents issues about the psychological culture of members of professions of the “person to person” type, and preventive measures against professional defamation of members of the legal profession using the harmonization or optimization of their psychological culture.
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The comparative research of personality characteristics and conscious self-regulation of the aids pa

Mironova Tatyana Lvovna
The article deals with the research of the realized self-regulation and personality characteristics of the AIDS -patients. The interrelation of the personality characteristics and the realized self-regulation has been considered in two groups: at the AIDS patients (the 1-st group) and at the healthy people (the 2-nd group).
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The problem definition «Maturity of personality»

Gorbunova Olga Vladimirovna
The paper presents a theoretical analysis of the concept of "maturity" from different perspectives. Each of the scientific points of view interprets the term "maturity" with respect to this field. The article describes the analysis of foreign and domestic approaches on the concept of "maturity of personality" such as the psychoanalytic approach, behavioral, cognitive, activity-based approach. The author's view and definition of maturity of the individual.
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