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1. См. коэффициент вероятности. 2. Символическое обозначение стабильности личности в теории Айзенка. 3. См. вещество Р.

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Источник: Оксфордский толковый словарь по психологии

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Krupnov Alexandr I., Kozhukhova Yulia V., Vorobyeva Alexandra A.
The article discusses the results of empirical study of the association between variables of persistence and academic achievement in foreign languages. The sample includes students of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Science at the RUDN University ( n = 115), divided into 5 subsamples, two of which are featured in the present study (the most and the least successful students subsamples). Persistence as a personality trait is studied within A.I. Krupnov’s system-functional approach. A.I. Krupnov’s paper-and-pencil test was used to measure persistence variables. Academic achievement was measured according to the four parameters: Phonetics, Grammar, Speaking and Political vocabulary based on the grades students received during the academic year. The analysis revealed that persistence displays different associations with academic achievement variables in more and less successful students subsamples, the general prominence of this trait is more important for unsuccessful students. Phonetics is the academic achievement variable most associated with persistence due to its nature, a skill one can acquire through hard work and practice which is the definition of persistence. Grammar as an academic achievement variable is not associated with persistence and probably relates to other factors. Unsuccessful students may have difficulties in separating various aspects of language acquisition from each other which should be taken into consideration by the teachers.
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Abramson Charles I.
This article offers some personal reflections on the difficulty of teaching the behaviorist perspective in the psychology classroom. The problems focus on the inadequacy of introductory textbooks which mischaracterize behaviorism, only present the most extreme behaviorist positions, make no mention of the neobehaviorist perspective, fail to discuss that there is no accepted criteria for determining what type of behavior is cognitive, and provide a definition of cognition that is, not only inconsistent across texts, but so broad as to overshadow the behaviorist contributions. Suggestions are provided for instructors on how to present to their students an accurate portrayal of behaviorism.
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Todorovic Elisaveta A.
This paper was created as a pert of the projects 179074 “Tradition, modernization and national identity in Serbia and in the Balkans in the process of European integration ” and 179002 “Indicators and models of role harmonization at work and in the family” which are supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia Research has shown that in different cultures there are certain characteristics of parents that are considered adequate, and can be connected to authoritative educational style. Having in mind the peculiarity of the authoritative parenting style, we wanted to examine whether the students of the University of Nis come from families with authoritative parenting style. The examined parenting styles were authoritative (democratic), authoritarian and permissive according to the theoretical understanding of Diana Baumrind, and which were presented in the theoretical part of this paper. PSDQ questionnaire (Parenting Styles & Dimensions Questionnaire, Robinson, Mandleco, Olsen, & Hart, 2001). This research was conducted on 316 male and 268 female students. The results show that, both in fathers and in mothers, the sub-dimensions of the authoritative style are more expressed than the sub-dimensions of the authoritarian and permissive style. Permissiveness is more common among mothers as a parenting style.. The mothers’ authoritative style was significantly more prominent among the students of the Faculty of Philosophy in comparison to the students of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, whereas the authoritarian style was more significantly prominent among the students of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering. The fathers’ authoritative style was more prominent among the students of the Faculty of Science than among the students of other faculties, whereas the fathers’ authoritarian style was more prominent among the students of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering.
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Abdullayeva S.H.Q., Patrakov E.V.
The main purpose of the article is to classify different motives of migration on the base of theoretical analysis and to find their relations to possible risks in multicultural educational environment. Methodology and methods of research. The main scientific sources of the research were the fundamental theoretical works by foreign and native scientists on social and psychological aspects of migration, motivation of migration, and psychological risks of multicultural educational environment. The methods of theoretical analysis, synthesis, and translation of scientific literature were used for determining the main guidelines of the research. Results. The article shows the role of migration motives in the formation of psychological risks in a multicultural educational environment, the classification of migration motives, and correlation between the basic characteristics of behavior and motives of migration. Scientific novelty of the article lies in the systematization of migration motives and in the theoretical foundation of the relationship between psychological risks that could arise in society and in a multicultural educational environment depending on the migration motives. Practical significance. The article could be of interest to school psychologists working in multicultural environment as well as to specialists who interact with migratory population groups.
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Professional competence of government employee as a condition for public authorities effectiveness

Kozyryeva O.V., Demchenko N.V.
The article is dedicated to the issues of professional competence of for public authorities. In the article approaches to interpretation of concepts «professional competence» and «competency» are considered. Professional competence is considered as an integrative characteristic of a specialist in public administration, which includes not only the totality of professional knowledge, but also professionally significant personal qualities that determine the independent activity of a specialist. The content of professional competence of civil servants is determined with the help of the following components: emotional-regulative, behavioral-activity, communicative, socio-psychological, especially professional. The article emphasizes that the introduction of a competent approach in the civil service necessitates the formation of a new culture of governance of public institutions, which involves the development and implementation of new methodological principles of culture for the implementation of the main functions of management and human resources management.
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Osakwe Ikenna
Baselines of the project team building method by fulfillment as a criterion are proposed. A list of fulfillment indicators is grounded through several iterations. Steps of selecting applicants when building a team are described generally .
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Physical activity influence on cognitive development of late pre-school age children

Larisa M. Zakharova, V. S. Zakharova
The effectiveness of the upbringing space organization of a pre-school child’s development, the used methods and forms of work with children condition the success of cognitive and physical development and readiness to study at school. Native and foreign research works prove interconnection between cognitive and physical activity of children. Systematic involvement of schoolchildren into physical activity has a positive influence on cognitive processes, attention development. Materials. The peculiarities of cognitive activity determination among schoolchildren and conditions of its development revelation, one of which is a child’s physical activity. Research methods: modern native and foreign authors’ scientific and scientific-practical research works analysis, questionnaire, statistical data manipulation. Results. It is revealed that the main index in cognitive and physical activity is arbitrariness development: awareness of own behavior, actions, goal-setting, reflexion, motive of the choice. Organizational-pedagogical conditions of late pre-school children’s cognitive development realization by means of physical activity are revealed. They include used methods of work with children, developing space organization, mutual activity of children and parents. Conclusion. Purposeful and systematic activity of teachers and parents concerning the interest and desire to go in for physical culture upbringing, develops physical abilities of a child, provides attention concentration and steadiness, which is necessary condition for pre-school child’s cognitive activity development.
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Peculiarities of stability formation of performances in sports aerobics

Natalia A. Kasatkina, Irina A. Mingalisheva, Fania M. Kodolova
An important factor of the training and competitive activity effectiveness increase among those, who go in for sports aerobics is the stability of performances provision in terms of gradually increasing training and competitive loads. Stability of performances among gymnasts is provided with a necessary ratio of special and technical readiness indices in terms of a high expressiveness level of a performance. Material. A new approach to the training and competitive activity effectiveness increase among those, who go in for sports aerobics, is offered. The methodology of technical and artistic training improvement of qualified gymnasts is created, on the basis of stability of their performances formation, which is understood as the ability of sportsmen to control own psycho-emotional state and the existing situation during sports competitions, which provide kinesiological potential realization. Research methods: scientific and scientific-methodical literature analysis and systematization, progressive pedagogical experience of sports aerobics specialists-trainers summarizing, pedagogical experiment, testing, filming, statistical data manipulation. Results. The article offers the methodology of sportsmanship improvement among qualified gymnasts on the basis of performances stability formation in sports aerobics. Its content provides the following theses realization: musical culture formation as the factor of artistic taste upbringing; knowing choreography elements of rhythmic gymnastics and the Olympic gymnastics in order to provide the necessary level of motional culture, mastering the abilities and skills of an accurate forms and content reproduction of motional actions. Conclusion. The pedagogical experiment, which includes special means, complex of teaching and training methods, the system of pedagogical influences and other structural elements of qualified gymnasts training, proved the expediency and effectiveness of the methodology of competitive activity stability in sports aerobics, the use of which in educational-training process conditioned the planned result achievement.
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Psychological-pedagogical basis of gender upbringing

Ludmila D. Nazarenko, Elena E. Panova, Olga N. Valkina
The problem of gender upbringing is deeply moral and urgent one. However, there is still no integral program of spiritual-moral upbringing, which includes gender socialization objectives, gender education realization. One of the reasons, why morality level decreases in modern society, is lack of understanding concerning the necessity of a directed gender upbringing among oncoming generations, no state system of education, which provides many-sided development of children and teen-agers. Most children and teen-agers, students are not able to form harmonious relations with the opposite sex on the basis of ethic norms and rules of behavior. This situation is harmful for their psychic and physical health. The difficulty of gender upbringing problem is determined by the influence of the street, coevals, the Internet, TV, films and other factors. Most parents are not ready to solve the problems of gender upbringing among children and teen-agers. Material. Theoretical importance substantiation of a purposeful gender upbringing for a harmonious, spiritual-moral development of a personality. Research methods: scientific and scientific-methodical literature analysis, summarizing progressive pedagogical experience of the specialists in gender upbringing, pedagogical experiment, conversations, questioning, testing, expert analysis, statistical data manipulation. Results. Theoretical importance substantiation of gender upbringing for harmonious relations formation with people of different gender. The role of morality as the base for gender upbringing is shown. The content and objectives of gender upbringing are revealed. The received results show the reasons for morality level decrease, homosexuality appearance in society. The authors consider it reasonable to realize gender upbringing of 5-7-year-old children, when they start to understand their gender belonging for the first time. Conclusion. The main components of moral interrelations culture between boys and girls, lads and ladies, men and women were revealed; the methodology of gender upbringing among preschool age and primary school age children was created, the effectiveness of which was checked during the pedagogical experiment.
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Alexey M. Ulanovsky
The paper presents analysis of principles, treatments and ways of using phenomenology in psychology. Six different ways of using phenomenological method in psychology are discerned: as (1) a method of clarifying of phenomena of consciousness and concepts, (2) a way of differentiation, description and analysis of psychopathological phenomena, (3) a way of understanding and penetration to the living world of a person, (4) a form of subjective self-reports of participants, (5) a method of psychotherapeutic work with experience, (6) a qualitative research strategy in academic psychology. The approach to phenomenology as a special style of research and practice, which implies the intuitive, reflective, unprejudiced, descriptive, detailed approach to phenomena, is developed.
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Problems of argumentation in medieval Armenian philosophy

Hasmik Hovhannisyan
None of the medieval Armenian thinkers left a complete piece on argumentation theory. However, argumentation problems and the practical realization of requirements of the theory of argumentation were enormous part of Armenian philosophers’ works. They discussed argumentation problems mostly from object-language rather than meta-language prospective. This research focuses on the works of three mediaeval thinkers: Yeznik Koghbacy (IV-V), David Anhaght (The Invincible, V), Grigor Tatevatsi (XIV-XV). In their theoretical heritage the examination of argumentation issues and coverage can be regarded as the most significant stages of history of Armenian argumentation theories, the interpretation of which first of all aims to accomplish the following problems: 1. Present the argumentation doctrines of each chosen philosopher as a complete idea of the theory of argumentation. 2. Complete the critical analysis of the theoretical heritage of the examinee philosophers. 3. Clarify the most important stages of history of Armenian argumentation doctrines. 4. Thereby increase the possibility of including history of Armenian argumentation theories in universal history. The history of each theory can be perceived and properly appreciated from the perspective of that theory’s modem level of development. Considering that fact this research reconstructs the models of syntax and semantics of the language of argumentation.
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Promotion of heroic character as social science and education task

Ernest Grigorian
The article analyzes the catastrophic moods in some segments of Armenian society. This occurs due to the ongoing war, lack of faith in the future, loss of social orientation. The Armenian society does not feel care on the part of the ruling class, do not see its responsibility, feels helplessness in the face of external and internal threats, and, therefore, is in confrontation with the ruling class. And here is the new phenomenon of mass heroism of the people as a response to the catastrophic situation and reliance on heroes as saviors of the nation. Social science and education should more closely examine this phenomenon and try to make the heroism more meaningful and much full of sense.
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