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Аспект самости (Я) (см. особенно 1, 2), представляющий те компоненты общей самости человека, которые происходят от среды, материального имущества, интериоризованных социальных ценностей, действительно, из полной совокупности состояний сознания человека. Вильям Джемс назвал это Я эмпирическим или известным Я и различал его с познающим Я. Георг Герберт Мид также употреблял этот термин подобным образом, но, как можно предположить, с более сильным акцентом на социальных аспектах. Также называется психологическим Я.

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Источник: Оксфордский толковый словарь по психологии/Под ред. А.Ребера,2002 г

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Media culture book-centered films - a social doping for the reading

Tsvetkova M.
The study undertakes the problem of the social, political and the theoretically applied potential of the film representation of the characters of the book and the reading in the programs for the stimulation of reading. The zone of problematic is outlined publishers do not know well the market of the films, film producers do not know the market of the books, investigators of the book do not know the landscape of the „audiovisual reading”, while the younger generation emancipated its attitude towards films and books absorbs them through all media platforms; makes the connection between them; criticizes, shares, encourages, has permanent expectations. The thesis, which is defended is that the symbolic and metaphorical use of the motif of the book, the reading, the publishing, the bookstore or the library in screen arts continues to resonate with the themes of knowledge and power and in the digital age, and this can be used as „social doping” for the apathetic and the erratic readers. In this article, the expression „social doping” is used to describe positive licit stimulant. The aim of the study is to explain and argue the book-centered films as multimodal tool for improving of the education in reading and the policies of reading worldwide, especially in communities with a high illiteracy rate. An empirical research on movies for the period 1898-2014 is summarized, accomplished by filmographic analytical and synthetic approach. The results are aimed at expanding the conceptual scope of policies to promote reading and creative approaches of the book production, to promote competition and collaboration between the publishing and the movie companies. Proving book-centered films as a serious and prestigious social instrument is expected to raise the awareness and the exactingness of the readers to the publishing programs and to insist on investing in business models with multiplatform representations, cross-media and transmedia of the artistic content.
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Methodological crisis of contemporary social sciences: the theoretical aspect

S. B. Bulekbayev, K. A. Temirgaliyev, A. S. Lamanova, N. A. Mingisheva, A. N. Raikhanova
This article provides the idea that the causes of the contemporary system crisis is that many of the concepts of modern social sciences do not adequately reflect the changed reality, therefore, it is necessary to redefine the existing categorical apparatus. It requires a paradigm shift of modern social sciences which is still based on the Newton-Cartesian metaparadigm. This change has been already occurred in physics and more recently in psychology. Other-wise, methodological inconsistency and weakness of the explanatory potential of social sciences in the explanation and understanding of social processes will be regular phenomenon.
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Method of game improves technical elements to pupils 13-15 years

Kuvarati Spiro, Delimeta Sokol, Ikonomi Edison
Games represent broad spectrum of activity, which are characterized by a large number of technical elements that must be respected depending on the game. Are taken in 24 pupils divided into two test groups (12 KG and 12 EG), which was tested in volleyball discipline tests: service, keeping service, pass, shoo. and play. The tests realized were subjected to statistical processing by a computer program EXEL 2010. KG showed increasing in all elements with minor changes. EG is noted good technical level of the services (p
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Giemza Lech
В статье рассматривается категория встречи, представленная в «Дневниках» Яна Юзефа Щепаньского. Основным тезисом данной работы является утверждение о том, что Щепаньский видит в категории встречи нечто большее, чем каузальную форму контакта. Из отдельных описаний в произведении Щепаньского можно сделать вывод о некоторой методологии встречи. Таким образом, встречи приводят не только к созданию лучшего, более гуманного мира, но и к углубленному самопознанию. Щепаньский уверен, что существование с Другим Человеком и для Другого Человека представляет собой базовую форму жизни в мире. Взгляды Щепаньского, выраженные эксплицитно или имплицитно, близки философии встречи и мыслям Кароля Войтылы.The article discusses meetings described in “Diaries” by Jan Józef Szczepański. The main thesis is that Szczepański regards meetings as something much more important than a causal form of contact. What can be inferred from individual descriptions is a methodology of a meeting. They lead not only to the creation of a better, more humane world, but also to a more profound self-knowledge. Szczepański believes that being with the Second Person and for the Second Person is a fundamental form of existence in the world. Szczepański’s views, stated explicitly or implicitly, are close to the philosophy of a meeting and to the thought of Karol Wojtyła.
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Methodology of ice-skaters’ technical mastery and special physical readiness improvement using short

Ekaterina A. Morozova
Speed skating nowadays undergoes a new wave of its development, connected with constant increase of sports results. Quick running speed increase among ice-skaters at all distances is the consequence of the training process effectiveness and optimization, conditioned by new means, methods and approaches of training use. An important question in the training process of ice-skaters organization remains the search for the optimal training means and methods of their use. Materials: The methodology creation of ice-skaters’ technical mastery and special physical training improvement, using short-track and experimental substantiation of its effectiveness. Research methods: literature sources on the problem of the research and current materials analysis and summarizing, pedagogical observation, pedagogical experiment, pedagogical testing, methods of mathematical statistics. Results. At the first stage of the research the methodology of short-track application in the training process of ice-skaters was created. Two demands are important in the methodology: 1) concentration of the made efforts considerably exceeds the same indices in classical skates; 2) technical stereotype models competitive exercise – running along the standard track. At the second stage of the research experimental testing of the offered methodology was held. Ice-skaters, who use short-track in the training process, according to the test “flying lap” had higher indices of an individual coefficient of a step power and could develop higher speed in running the turn, which finally provided time of “flying lap” overcoming improvement. Conclusion. Short-track use in the training process of ice-skaters provides power of the step and the speed of running along the turn increase and it leads to speed of running increase in general along the distance. During technical mastery and special physical readiness improvement ice-skaters should include short-track into the training process.
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Methodological substantiation of the higher educational establishments students main directions of p

Oleg V. Shinkarenko, Vladimir N. Trofimov, Elena N. Chekanushkina
Objective regularities of society development restricted considerably muscular activity of a contemporary man, creating the prerequisites for discrepancy between social-biological needs of an organism for physical load and the existing volume of motional activity, which caused hypodynamic syndrome. The problem of students’ health improvement, the level of their physical readiness increase, the need for systematic physical exercises formation demands new model of physical upbringing creation at a higher educational establishment. Materials. This article gives theoretical and methodical substantiation of new approaches importance to physical culture and sport organization at a technical higher educational establishment. A traditional system of lessons doesn’t provide a firm interest to physical culture formation. The existing approach to its organization, orientation and content doesn’t provide the problems of health improvement, many-sided harmonious development, the need for regular physical exercises formation solution. Research methods: scientific and scientific-methodical literature analysis and systematization, testing, pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical statistics. Results. The article gives the experimental research works results, which show the effectiveness of physical exercises according to the interests; it is necessary to form a steady interest in a chosen kind of motor activity; the leading motives of involving students into different kinds and forms of physical culture and sport lessons. Conclusion. The experimental check of the offered approach to physical upbringing organization among students from technical higher educational establishment students showed its effectiveness. The choice of students motor activity according to interests, abilities, needs provided a systematic and continuous character of muscular load fulfillment, motivational sphere formation. An important direction of physical culture lessons improvement system was an individual choice of physical exercises, which corresponded with the phenotypic peculiarities of the future specialists.
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Methodological basis of ecological lifestyle formation as the condition of nature protecting attitud

Alexandr V. Nazarenko, Irina V. Astrakhantseva
Environment state in Russia and in the world in general achieved its critical level, which is dangerous for the existing civilization. The reason for the present situation is the process of globalization, which is accompanied by material benefits and comfortable life conditions increase. Without changing a consumer’s attitude to environment for nature protecting and recourses saving one it is impossible to solve this problem. Principal change of the interaction character between people and environment demands ecological worldview, ecological awareness, ecological thinking and ecological culture formation, directed at the relations optimization between people and environment. Practical realization of a new paradigm of society and nature interaction demands habitual lifestyle change for ecological one, which conditions readiness to fulfill nature protecting and recourses saving activity. Material. Theoretical and experimental substantiation of the necessity to change a consumer’s attitude to nature for nature protecting one, as the condition for health-improving educational space creation. Research methods: scientific and methodical literature analysis and systematization, pedagogical experiment, testing, the method of expert evaluations, statistical data handling. Result. Innovative technology creation of ecological lifestyle formation is connected with the problem solution of an integral health-improving educational space of population creation. The results of this technology use showed a considerable understanding improvement by students form the EG the essence and importance of involving people into ecological lifestyle, on the basis of mastering its main conceptual and methodological theses, scientific principles, aims and objectives, pedagogical conditions; effective means, methods and evaluation criteria of the formation level use, the technology of future teachers involvement into nature protecting and nature saving attitude to environment. Conclusion. Innovative technology use of involving people into ecological lifestyle creates necessary preconditions for an integral health-improving educational space organization, which provides interaction harmonization of a person and nature, further society development on the principles of natural recourses rational use, provides the ability of nature to self-regeneration.
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Media texts: main structures and values from the perspectives of intercultural communication

Pastukhov Alexander G.
The aim of the paper is to indicate main techniques of modeling the media text structure for the purpose of finding practical solutions for their description and to identify essential characteristics i.e. functional and stylistic features of the media genres etc. The paper deals with a wide range of media text issues as a cultural object where current views on its nature and criteria for an adequate understanding are given. The problem of "Other" and "Foreign" in the reflection of modern media by all evidence is one of the most difficult to comprehend. The article is devoted to the modern manifestations of national-specific information encoded within the media text. The paper also focuses on the problems of the cultural transfer as a key question that manifests the values of media texts which can be reconstructed through the trans-cultural analyses. The forms of cultural specifics are analyzed, whereas the concept of cultural intertextuality is introduced and discussed as an important fact for pragmatic and cultural text retrieval. The defined forms of cultural specifics are illustrated by several examples taken from media texts that may have practical and didactical implications. Based on comparative analysis the study of cultural connotations reflects current opportunities and solutions for intercultural information policy and especially for emotional impact on the audience in a multicultural and globalizing world.
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Mental dimension in social causalities: past and future

Nazaretyan Akop P.
Following an old tradition, the political analysts tend to exaggerate the role of economic and resource factors, which entail prognostication errors. This paper shows that in most historical cases, mental contents, conditions and fluctuation in mass moods, ambitions, talents of authoritative leaders and other “subjective’ factors of the kind determine social events more substantially than any outside factors. Economic and political spheres intersect during quiet phases and far diverge as crisis phases approach. In addition, the specific weight of mental phenomena in system dependencies has been growing throughout human history, so that in the 21st century, it is the evolution in worldviews, values and meanings that ultimately determines the viability of our planetary civilization.
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Meaning as convention: a puzzling effect of Aristotelian theory of names

Chernyak Alexey
According to Aristotle spoken words are signs of impressions, and those words which are used as names have conventional meanings. This theory of meaning poses a problem because it is unclear how exactly impressions which are essentially subjective may be assigned to names conventionally, i.e. due to certain interactions between different persons. In the following article the nature of the problem as well as the most prominent notions of conventions are analyzed: it is shown that considering the ways by which conventions about meanings should be established according to them the problem cannot be eliminated. It is also claimed that this is the problem not only for the particular Aristotle's theory of names, but also a problem for a much wider set of theories of meaning and interpretation.
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Mechanisms of overcoming ethical dilemmas in nowadays social work

Melkonyan Nelli
In social work, ethical principles have been important in several key respects, with regard to the nature of its mission; the relationships that social workers have with clients, colleagues, and members of the broader society; the methods of intervention that social workers use in their work. So, social work is situated between moral choice and professional ethical behavior, which allows orientating among the variety of moral requirements, evaluating activities taking into consideration morality and in this way it contributes to the cohesion and stability of social relations. However, the implementation of professional duties is often hampered by objective circumstances, and as a result a social worker can’t always prevent the occurrence of ethical conflicts and facing ethical dilemmas. In this article we'll discuss ethical conflicts of social work, which affect and determine the course of social assistance, social support at the present; it is also shown possible ways to overcome those ethical dilemmas.
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Methodological aspects of enactive Neurocinema creation

N.V. Galkina , М.V. Koroleva , V.N. Anisimov , А.О. Luhin
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