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/англ. аббревиатура Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/, сообщество лиц нетрадиционной ориентации половой.
В различных источниках также встречаются варианты GLBT; GBLT; LBGT и др. Иногда имеет место сокращение (LGB), либо добавление значений: Q (Queer) – LGBTQ; T (Transvestit) – LGBTT; O (Omnisexual) – LGBTO. Среди студенческой молодежи популярны шутливые аббревиатуры типа до окончания обучения, до получения диплома: LUG (Lesbian until graduation), GUG (gay until graduation), BUG (bisexual until graduation).
LGBT /рус./: ЛГБТ (Лесбиянки, Геи, Бисексуалы, Транссексуалы).

Источник: Словарь доктора либидо

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LGBT community in the focus of sociological research

Puzanova Zh.V., Larina T.I., Sharma S.D.
The LGBT community and the attitude towards it became one of the dividing factors between Russia and Europe long ago. This factor quite often creates political precedents and becomes a basis for various provocations.
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LGBT rights movement in Africa and the myth of the Whiteman''s superiority

Endong Floribert Patrick Calvain
The West's commitment to fervidly push the LGBT rights philosophy in the world in general and Africa in particular has caused it to embark on a number of questionable advocacy tactics.
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Identity disclosure as a securityscape for lgbt people

Omurov Nurbek
Background. The concept of a securityscape is an emerging approach to understanding human (in)securities.