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Сокращение, обозначающее: 1. Торможение. Этот символ был очень тщательно разработан в теории К. Халла. Вот некоторые из специальных форм, наличие которых предполагал Халл: IR = потенциал торможения, siR = эффективный потенциал торможения. Другие специальные способы использования понятия торможение приводятся в статье, посвященной этому термину. 2. Интенсивность.

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Источник: Оксфордский толковый словарь по психологии

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Ulanova N.N., Shishkova I.M.
The article presents data of research of psychological readiness of persons with disabilities to work. The research method interview «Problems with future employment» for persons with disabilities and individuals with disabilities aged 17 to 30 years. Numerous studies show that the situation of persons with disabilities as a social group substantially different from the status of citizens from other social groups in the society. Persons with disabilities suffer from a decent work deficit is much stronger than other people. One of the important psychological threats in the life of a person with a disabling disease is the collapse of life prospects built before the disease or trauma. Disability puts before patients complex problems, which often have a psychological basis. Long and serious illness, frequent stay in medical institutions, loss of social status and other factors make adjustments to the habitual behavior and lifestyle of a person. Becoming a disabled person, the person forms a new system of relations to himself, to his opportunities, to the social environment, to the new life situation in which the person turned out, to a new socio-psychological status. In this case, the issue of adaptation to the new conditions of life becomes urgent. A prerequisite for a detailed study of the problem of psychological readiness for the work of disabled people is to bridge the gap between the theoretical development of this problem and the lack of applied resea.rch, where people with disabilities and people with disabilities would act as test subjects. The study showed how people with disabilities and people with disabilities ready to work. By rea.-diness we understand not only the awareness of physical limitations, legal aspects of employment and working conditions. Important is the psychological component of readiness, which in this work is fundamental. The paper presents the results of the study, identified the main problems and specifics of with disabilities to work.
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Abadi Chusnul, Setiawan Margono, Rofiq Ainur, Rahayu Mintarti
The study applies self-expansion theory to understand the phenomenon of pilgrimage surge to the tomb of one of Indonesian foremost Ulama (Moslem preacher), Gus Dur. The attraction factor of Gus Dur is represented by “perceived identity synergy” that provides cognitive ground for identification. The study puts forward perceived values and support as antecedents of “perceived identity synergy”. By this way, this study allows two kinds of comparison. The first is comparison between relationship of perceived value and revisit intention with perceived identity synergy and identification as mediators and that without those mediators. The second is comparison between relationship of perceived value and revisit intention and that of perceived support and revisit intention both with perceived identity synergy and identification as mediators. The first result reveals that the relation is only possible through mediators. The second result reveals that perceived identity synergyand identification as mediators work much less to relationship between perceived support and revisit intention than to that between perceived value and revisit intention.
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Podgorbunskikh A.A.
The article discusses the status of internationalization, of the definition “lingvocultural study”, the parity of the concepts: “proficiency” and “competence”. The author defines the central concept “lingvocultural proficiency” оn the basis of a multidimensional analysis. This article indicates the problem of students of higher educational establishments lingvocultural proficiency as a result of their linguistic and cultural training in professional sphere. External internationalization of the educational activity of the university is considered as a priority. The article also considers the internationalization of educational activities in the process of forming the lingvocultural competence of students. The authors point out the general segments of the educational and lingvocultural environment of the higher educational institution. The article contains information on characteristics of the educational environment of the university and internationalization as an indicator of education quality.
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Tumans Harijs
In the author’s opinion, the main paradox of the Athenaion Politeia (‘The Constitution of the Athenians’) consists in the fact that its author endeavoured to соmbine two opposite positions: those of а critic and apologist of Athenian democracy. Firstly, not only is the structure of the text aimed at making an apology for democracy, but the greatest part of the argument is devoted to justifying the most controversial aspects of democratic rule. Consequently, in spite of its apparently ideological ambiguity, the author’s main ideological trend is quite evident in the Athenaion Politeia. Secondly, this work well matches the context of contemporary sophistic rhetoric and sympotic literature, for in these genres the author was expected to take opposite positions alternately. Thirdly, it is quite possible that аt that period two ideologies could have coexisted in the same mind: old aristocratic values, based upon ethical postulates, and а new democratic ideology, based upon pragmatic principles. In such а situation political thinking and patriotism could naturally lead to victory of the new ideology, as it is attested in the Athenaion Politeia. The author concludes that Pseudo-Xenophon should be regarded as neither a “youngˮ, nor an “oldˮ oligarch, but rather а democrat of aristocratic or oligarchic origin. Refs 47.
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Y. P. Zinchenko, V. F. Petrenko
The present volume collects some examples of scientific work done by contemporary Russian psychologists, both empirical and theoretical, in different directions of research. Russian psychology in its development has undergone various times, some of them could be characterized as significant intensity of research, some could be described as essential decrease in volume of the leaded development. Those changes were mostly determined by the external reasons: political revolutions of the beginning and the end of the twentieth century, two World wars, which have influenced all areas of Russian life, economic and political shocks of the first half and the end of the same century, ideological restrictions (during the Soviet period) that were imposed on studied problems and treatment of the results of those studies, and also in the form of significant reduction of communication between the Russian and world psychology, etc.
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If i only had a brain: the Capgras Delusion, simulacra, and fiction in the Echo Maker and Jackass 3D

Робинсон Дуглас
В статье исследуется формирование (чувства) реальности в романе Ричарда Пауэрса «Создатель эха» (2006) и теория симулякра Ж. Бодрийяра, которая используется Кевином Каспером при анализе фильма «Чудаки 3D». Помимо литературоведения и киноведения, в фокусе внимания оказывается нейрология, точнее, нейрофилософия. Анализ различных культурных текстов нацелен на выявление содержащихся в них (эксплицитно или имплицитно) нейрологических теорий, объясняющих, как мы реализуем самих себя и окружающий мир. Если у Пауэрса ключом к пониманию этого процесса является художественная литература (так как она возникает из всегда присущей человеку склонности к фантазированию в попытке придать связность и единство собственной личности и окружающему миру), то у Бодрийяра симулякр; оба они становятся основными каналами социального конструирования. Синдром Капгра, положенный Пауэрсом в основу романа, служит в первую очередь для того, чтобы проанализировать воздействие, которое оказывает повреждение нервных путей, проводящих эмоции, на формирование чувства реальности. Пауэрс стремится придать универсальный смысл синдрому Капгра, делая его метафорой неспособности человечества ощутить сродство со всем живым, отсутствия у нас «глубинно-экологической самореализации» (Арне Нэсс). Этот всеобщий дефицит чувства реальности согласуется с бодрийяровским (псевдо?-)апокалипти-ческим пониманием симулякра как подмены в постмодернистскую эпоху реальности виртуальностью и делает роман Пауэрса полигоном для тестирования бодрий-яровских идей. В заключение речь идет об икозисе интериоризации нормативных представлений, понимаемых как истинные благодаря влиянию соматических групп.
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Institutionalization of innovative political leaders as modern elite

Shyhnenko Dmytro Viktorovych
In this article is considered the conceptual basis of innovative institutionalization of political leadership and the leaders themselves submitted as modern elite. It emphasizes the innovative leader by nature, on the one hand, is part of the social system, on the other hand, is actually above it. The leader of this type, changes the social landscape and the world around him to achieve the public interest.Studies of the innovative role of political leaders in social development are closely related to comparing them with the new political elite formation. In this context, theoretical approaches are analyzed and synthesized to understand the essential characteristics and social significance of the elite.The mechanism of identification of innovative political leader is being disclosed. Regarding the diversity of approaches of domestic political leaders to form their own image, in the study, there are three main areas: traditional, hyper modernistic, and the method of optimal cooperation. For innovative leader as a representative of the political elite, the public attitude to his image is one of themain targets, because it is sufficiently important having no gray areas and “white spots” in shaping his politic image, which can subsequently be a subject to manipulation by political opponents.
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Innovations in the training process of young athletes in terms of sports training center

Andrey G. Veykut
Analysis of the current state of research on the issue of innovation implementation in the training process showed that the varieties of best teaching practices are innovative research and teaching experience as a kind of steps ascend from the empirical to the theoretical analysis and synthesis. Based on the experience of pedagogical research are the following set of criteria inherent to pedagogical innovation: novelty, optimality, high efficiency, the possibility of innovations creative in a mass experience. The main criterion of innovation stands the novelty of having an equal attitude to assessment as a scientific pedagogical research and best teaching practices. Material. The analysis of the current state of research on the problem of innovation theory in sport pedagogy. Principles, mechanisms, stages and pedagogical conditions of innovations implementation in the training process of youth tennis players in the center of sports training. Research methods: analysis and generalization of scientific literature, questionnaire. Results. The article describes the principles, mechanisms, stages and pedagogical conditions of innovations implementation in the training process of youth tennis players in the center of sports training. The study of innovations realization pedagogical conditions of young athletes in terms of sports training center established that the technology of innovative processes management in the educational physical organization must consist of consecutive stages having the purpose, content and mechanics. The stages of innovation processes technology management should be not only interrelated and independent, but provided all kinds of resources. Conclusion. Studies have shown that the diagnostic approach allows new ways to conduct activities to improve the skills of coaches affect the sustainability of their work results in youth sports training center.
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Interrelation of various parameters of reflection of students

Natalia M. Golubeva, Maria S. Tkacheva
In the paper the problems of reflection of high school students in connection with their educational activity are discussed. The short theoretical analysis of a problem is presented. The author's method of separate reflection parameters diagnosis is offered where starting mechanisms of reflective activity, the maintenance of reflective images, results of reflective activity are allocated. The results received by means of the presented method on the sample of students of the courses "Pedagogical education" and "Psychology-pedagogical education" (N=72) are discussed. Numerous significant correlations between separate indicators of the method are presented, that give reasons for its validity and possibility of further diagnosis and research use.
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Influence of co-dependence and alexitimy on the readiness for motherhood degree of оne to three year

Orlova Maria Mikhaylovna, Novikova Natalia Mikhaylovna
The study of readiness for motherhood as a manifestation of the adaptability of a woman’s personality expands the range of psycho-corrective tasks needed in psycho-preventive work to prevent maternity problems. The authors prove the existence of a connection between readiness for maternity and the manifestations of codependence and alexithymia. The mechanism of women’s co-dependence is aimed at maintaining problematic ‘self’, expression of egocentrism, which impedes the realization of oneself in motherhood.
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Information influence on management decisions

Batyuk B.
The basic task manipulation in the management environment, which is focused on the impact of the opinion of the persons involved to achieve a certain driven result are revealed. The investigation of certain results for manipulation of information in the administration that are designed to show the most widespread cases of influence. The study proved that the management in terms of manipulation of information is a creative process of selecting from the list of possible alternatives to a single decision that is taken for execution. Specifics of management in terms of manipulation of information and uncertainty is that it is always an act of volition, social action, which expresses not only the needs and interests of individuals and reflects the interests of the organization, but also can realize the interests of the team as a whole that would not violate the etiquette and were accepted norms of human life.
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Inefficiency in organizations and wellbeing

Solotareff Stéphane
Research Questions: Can an organization be considered as a living organism ? In which terms can external causes change an organization ? How can we reinforce the coherence of an organization ? What are the side effects of such an approach ? Purpose of the Study: The aim of this study is to explain the organization’s failures while respecting the different corporate agents (from shareholders to employees). Research Methods: The key point is the way of using the existing methods : tests, counting, financial analysis and so on. The solution we propose is based on a socio-cognitive understanding of the group or sub-groups of people which allows to explain behaviours. Findings: Results from a lot of experiences has completely confirmed our hypothesis that efficiency of an organization can be drastically increased by suppressing human deadlocks due to a wrong adequation between people, job and place. Reinforcing the internal cohesion of an organization leads to an independence regarding external factors, or a better adaptability to the environmental situation. More than that this kind of analysis provides an increase of wellbeing for every member of an organization. Conclusions: Few studies investigate the impact of human wellbeing in business. It is highly relevant to consider personal socio-cognitive variables as a coping mechanism that may be useful to improve organization’s profits. Our research corroborates significant relationships between human and ecological attitudes, and sustainable profits achieved by the organization. Ил. 6. Табл. 1. Библ. 24.
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