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1. Частота. 2. Беглость. 3. Функция.

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Источник: Оксфордский толковый словарь по психологии/Под ред. А.Ребера,2002 г


1. Шкала Фаренгейта. 2. F-коэффициент. З. F-тест.

Источник: Оксфордский толковый словарь по психологии/Под ред. А.Ребера,2002 г

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Fundamentals of the Dempster-Shafer theory and its applications to system safety and reliability mod

Rakowsky Uwe Kay
The Dempster-Shafter Theory is well-known for its usefulness to express uncertain judgments of experts. This contribution shows how to apply the calculus to safety and reliability modelling, especially to expert judgement; Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis; Event Tree Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, and Reliability Centred Maintenance. Including a tutorial introduction to the Dempster-Shafer Theory, the differences between the Probability and the Dempster-Shafer Theory are discussed widely
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Lastochkina Tatiana, Smirnova Natalia
This study aims at fostering students’ listening skills by scaffolding their self-study learning practices in the English for Special Purposes (ESP) course. While there is a significant body of research exploring classroom-based teaching approaches, there is little empirical research into how students develop their ESP listening skills outside the classroom. Our study suggests that developing a self-regulated model for acquiring ESP listening skills in a self-study mode is an efficient way to improve students’ performance as it provides them with relevant scaffolding and makes the listening process more transparent. The article provides theoretical grounding for the self-study model. The entry-level and post-study tests in listening scores (IELTS test) are compared across the control and the experimental groups (60 students in total). The results of the study indicate that students who were developing their listening skills in a self-study mode via the designed scaffolding performed significantly better than their peers in the control group. Scaffolding self-study listening practices of students outside the classroom prove to be a significant factor in facilitating English learning in an ESP classroom.
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Ritzarev Marina G.
The article focuses on the historical coincidence: two operas based on the Gospel plot had their premieres under two different cultural milieu but very close in time: the rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice (1971, Broadway, New York) and the Russian avant-garde chamber opera Master i Margarita by Sergei Slonimsky (1972, Leningrad, concert performance), after M. Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita. The article examines the cultural and historical conditions that preceded these operas so different in their styles, audiences, and fates.
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Functional state study of cardiovascular system among young boxers during special-preparatory period

Albina F. Gaynullina, Alexsandr L. Lintvarev, Elvira S. Shayakhmetova
Young boxers’ training loads during special-preparatory period lead to considerable functional state tension of most physiological systems in an organism, in particular, cardiovascular system. That is why, in order to correct functional state of cardiovascular system and solve the problem of the loads increase or decrease, scientists recommend estimating this index during different periods of the training process. Materials. This research work studies the peculiarities of adaptation of young boxers’ main system of an organism. Research methods: scientific-methodical literature analysis and summarizing, pedagogical experiment, methodology, testing, statistical data handling. Results. During the research it was revealed that the mean values of blood pressure among young boxers were within the range of normal values in terms of different heart rate. However, short-term physical loads lead to negative levels of cardiovascular system (“bad”, “below the average”) working capacity among 41,6% of sportsmen from the control group and among 33,4% of boxers from the experimental group. Conclusion. The revealed peculiarities of the functional state of an organism among young boxers at special-preparatory stage of the yearly training cycle revealed the necessity to use the sessions of audiovisual stimulation, directed at internal reserves of organism activation in order to fulfill physiological functions rehabilitation and development.
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Factual indeterminacy in international tax law

Legal indeterminacy comes in a variety of forms identified here as: (i) general legal indeterminacy; (ii) factual indeterminacy; and (iii) Mach/Feyerabend factual indeterminacy. The concept of general "legal indeterminacy" refers to problems in legal interpretation and has been extensively studied. "Factual indeterminacy" refers to the indeterminacy of facts as a matter of tax law when derived from separately indeterminate fields of law. "Mach/ Feyerabend factual indeterminacy" refers to fact words as derived from legal theory which provide the content for legal interpretation. The "facts" in tax law are not transcendent to law; in addition, the "fact" words of tax law cannot be simply imported from the field of economics. The incremental question of the origins of theory (as discussed by Karl Popper and Albert Einstein) is also analyzed here. The theory of tax law originates with "sympathy with experience" or "intellectual love" (tr. Einfuhlung) of tax law by lawyers as reflected in the special heuristics and practices of the profession. Legal theory accordingly functions in similar fashion to scientific theory where a particular legal theory can be falsified (qua Popper) or understood in pluralistic terms by incorporating auxiliary ideas.
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Fifth-Graders Moving into Adulthood: The 1960s vs. the 2010s

Katerina Polivanova, Aleksandra Bochaver, Anastasiya Nisskaya
The behavior of fifth-grade students from a Moscow school was observed during a 12 week period as a replication of a similar project undertaken in the mid‑1960s [Elkonin, Dragunova 1967]. Since the original research results were represented not as a text but as individual descriptions of 13 school students, observation criteria had to be identified. The criteria were grouped into so-called domains, describing how teenagers behaved among their peers, at home, and at school. The key behavioral characteristic was the indicators of the emerging sense of maturity in school children, i. e. of their drive for grown-up behavior associated with freedom and responsibility. These criteria formed the basis of the 2016 observation program. The diversity of adolescent behavioral patterns has been found to be much greater than in the original study. In addition, the linear formula of the value of learning being replaced with that of communication with peers (close interpersonal relationships) has been brought into question. As it transpires, the value of learning remains high for most fifth-graders, regardless of whether they need communication or not. Such an attitude towards learning might be encouraged by family and school, which is typical for this category of children. Four types of school students have been identified based on the indicators of their interest in learning and communication. The article cites fragments of observation protocols and semi-structured interviews. Hypotheses on how the transition to adolescence is affected by family and school characteristics have been put forward, and further observations of school students with different backgrounds have been designed.
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Factor structure of sportsmen engaged in applied uniform species limbons motor dichotomy

Oleg A. Chemerchey, Alexander V. Eganov
The article reveals the problem of extremities motor dichotomy among sportsmen, which is the regulator of tactical-technical actions fulfillment in terms of competitive activity. Materials. Sportsmen, who go in for applied kinds of single combats (judo, karate, sambo-wrestling, kickboxing, hand-to-hand fighting and others) took part in the research. In order to study the components of extremities motor dichotomy structure among sportsmen the method of open questioning according to 10-points scale was used. The received marks were handled with the help of factorial analysis method with the main components rotation according to varimax criterion. Research methods: pedagogical literature analysis, questionnaire, interpretation. Results. In the factorial structure of sportsmen’s extremities motor dichotomy 8 orthogonal factors were defined with 76,33% of general sampling variance. In particular, the defined components in the structure of motor dichotomy show monodirectional right-side asymmetry of the upper and lower right extremities during throws fulfillment from the right stand. The following components are defined: preference to strike a blow with the left hand during the combat, preference to fulfill throws over the left shoulder, with the left hand, kick with the left leg, to fulfill throws with the left leg, preference to choose the left stand while throws fulfillment. It should be noted that sportsmanship is mainly conditioned by the choice of left-side throws and kicks from the left stand and in case of less right-side throws and kicks. Conclusion. The revealed structure will help to determine the orientation of pedagogical influences in the methodology of tactical-technical sports training of sportsmen depending on intensity of extremities motor dichotomy.
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Functional state characteristics of central nervous system among sportsmen with different orientatio

Olga I. Kolomiets, Nadegda P. Petrushkina, Evgeniy V. Bykov, Irina A. Yakubovskaya
The problem of physical loads influence on functional state of sportsmen’s nervous system is still urgent. From the point of view of the theory of functional systems, in adaptation provision, the main role plays central nervous system. The main characteristics of nervous system determine functional and psychological readiness of sportsmen, which is responsible for sports effectiveness, especially in situational kinds of sport (sports games and combat sports). Material. The strategy estimation of adaptation to physical load on the basis of nervous system characteristics diagnostics, which determine speed qualities of a sportsman. Research methods: scientific literature analysis and summarizing, tapping test, tiredness coefficient determination, methods of mathematical statistics. Results. The characteristics of nervous system were studied, which determine speed qualities of a sportsman and the strategy of adaptation to physical load; two groups of sportsmen (age, anthropometric indices, qualifications and the period of going in for sports almost identical) were examined. In order to estimate the main characteristics of nervous system, which condition speed qualities of a sportsman, tapping test was used. Calculated on the basis of tapping test results tiredness coefficient helped to estimate the variant of adaptation strategy to physical load. Most qualified sportsmen had a strong type of nervous system and a high level of the studied characteristics. Sportsmen from both groups had tiredness coefficient lower than 0,25 and it proves high level of resistance to tiredness and tolerant strategy of adaptation to loads. Conclusion. Examination of qualified sportsmen, who go in for acyclic kinds of sport (ice hockey and taekwondo), using tapping test helped to give a complex estimation of the functional state of sportsmen’s nervous system and determine the strategy of adaptation to maximum intensity work.
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Factors causing to efficiency increase in fitness aerobics training

Irina A. Mingalisheva
Fitness-aerobics refers to sports gaining popularity among children, adolescents and youth. A variety of motor dance, gymnastic and acrobatic exercises performed in the group to the sound of music meet the requirements in physical activities, self-realization, self-knowledge, self-development and self-improvement. Material. In the literature, the authors consider various ways of solving efficiency increasing problem of athletic training in fitness aerobics finding additional resources, ways of organizing the training sessions; the development of motional activity leading qualitative sides. Factors influencing the training process effectiveness increase are discussed, which allow to better understand the fitness aerobics specifics, its essence; more targeted control of the motivational sphere, to stimulate the need for systematic fitness aerobics. Research methods: analysis and systematization of scientific and scientific-methodic literature, generalization of practitioners advanced experience in the field of fitness aerobics, pedagogical experiment, observation, testing, statistical processing of the material. Results. The method of sports training level increase on the basis of key factors that enhance the effectiveness of sports training in fitness -aerobics is developed. The author pays great attention to the importance of the composition development, largely aerobics. determines the athletes artistic and entertainment performances, the optimal sequence of structural elements, the uniform distribution technically difficult exercises in the beginning, middle and final part of the program, the logic of using static and dynamic postures, gestures, facial expressions, specific means of expression and artistry of the performance. Conclusion. The results of the pedagogical experiment showed that the developed method of athletic training efficiency increasing in fitness aerobics on the basis of the identification and use of leading factors showed the feasibility of its application, as it provides the ability to control the motivational sphere of gymnasts, underlying sports skill increase, as well as indicators of motional and musical culture.
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Funcional music use at physical culture lessons during the process of personality self-development m

Anatoly A. Opletin
The article presents the research results, directed at the mechanism of personality self-development formation by means of physical culture. The mechanism of a student’s personality self-development is the influence on the realized and unconscious spheres of students’ psyche during physical-sports competency of self-development formation with the use of functional music. Material. The influence with the help of traditional and nontraditional methods of physical culture on different sides of a student’s psyche with the help of suggestion and persuasion. At the first stage we create the initial psychological mindset for personality self-development by means of physical culture. Influencing different sides of physical-sports activity of students during the mechanism of self-development competency formation during activity, we transfer the initial psychological mindset into social, which is an effective means of interest increase among students in educational-training process. Research methods: traditional methods SAN, DATES, self-developing activity diagnostics (pedagogical aspect), purposeful pedagogical observation according to created by the aut hor map, which reflects the dynamics of personality self-development activity.Conclusion. Created initial psychological mindsets of physical-sports competencies, formed at physical culture lessons with the use of functional music, transformed into the sphere of unconscious, which didn’t get sufficient support in physical-sports activity are lost and socially important mindsets become set and can be demonstrated in case of favorable conditions during listening functional music.
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Face cognition in humans: psychophysiological, developmental, and cross-cultural aspects

Chernorizov Alexander M., Zhongqing Jiang, Petrakova Anastasia V., Zinchenko Yuri P.
Investigators are finding increasing evidence for cross-cultural specificity in face cognition along with individual characteristics. The functions on which face cognition is based not only are types of general cognitive functions (perception, memory) but are elements of specific mental processes. Face perception, memorization, correct recognition of faces, and understanding the information that faces provide are essential skills for humans as a social species and can be considered as facets of social (cultural) intelligence. Face cognition is a difficult, multifaceted set of processes. The systems and processes involved in perceiving and recognizing faces are captured by several models focusing on the pertinent functions or including the presumably underlying neuroanatomical substrates. Thus, the study of face-cognition mechanisms is a cross-disciplinary topic. In Russia, Germany, and China there are plans to organize an interdisciplinary crosscultural study of face cognition. The first step of this scientific interaction is conducting psychological and psychophysiological studies of face cognition in multinational Russia within the frame of a grant supported by the Russian Science Foundation and devoted to “cross-cultural tolerance”. For that reason and in the presence of the huge diversity of data concerning face cognition, we suggest for discussion, specifically within the psychological scientific community, three aspects of face cognition: (1) psychophysiological (quantitative data), (2) developmental (qualitative data from developmental psychology), and (3) cross-cultural (qualitative data from cross-cultural studies). These three aspects reflect the different levels of investigations and constitute a comprehensive, multilateral approach to the problem. Unfortunately, as a rule, neuropsychological and psychological investigations are carried out independently of each other. However, for the purposes of our overview here, we assume that the main factors that could influence the developmental, individual psychophysiological, and cross-cultural differences in face cognition are not only biological but also social and cultural. One of the principal tasks of this article is to draw the attention of psychologists to the physiology of face processing and to draw the attention of neuroscientists to the psychology of face cognition. Thus, the main goal of the article is to instigate a discussion among social psychologists, psychophysiologists, and neuroscientists about the mechanisms of face cognition, which, as in a mirror, reflect the basic, fundamental “psychophysical” problem of psychophysiology.
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Facebook birthday postings from a language ecology perspective in Russian, German, American English,

Karamalak Olga
The aim of the paper is to examine Facebook postings from an ecological language perspective as a special type of discourse of “everyday life” with an orientating function, to evaluate the environmental potential of this network that influences the character of the posts, and to determine cultural differences in thinking and expressing birthday greetings on the Facebook platform. The paper outlines some specific features of the Facebook environment or niche such as the reduced characters of the message, the use of abbreviations, simple structures, merging and interaction of written and spoken languages, and the use of graphical signs to convey emotions. The methodological approach was to compile a database by randomly gathering, from various Facebook timelines, 680 birthday postings in Russian, American English, German, and French. The posts were then analyzed according to three dimensions: (1) focus of the greetings on the specific day or years to come / life in general (Western vs. non-Western countries, analytical vs. holistic mindsets); (2) use of nominal structures; (3) stress/emphasis on characteristic features of a person, compliments. Various psycholinguistic and cultural aspects of the verbal greetings from the timelines of Russian, American, German, and French users of the social net are singled out in terms of holistic and analytical types of critical thinking. The data collection shows that while Russians and Germans predominantly display holistic thinking, as expressed in birthday postings of a general character and wishes in general for the upcoming year or years to come, Americans and the French display analytical thinking as their birthday posts are more focused on that special day. Most birthday postings are usually short and have one similar pattern. Americans use a lot of praise and stress personal relations. French postings are very emotional often expressing love and kisses. This study shows that analysis of Facebook birthday postings should be multimodal and complex, taking into account a complex interaction of a number of internal and external factors and a personal inclusion into socio-cultural interactions.
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