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Bouton terminal

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Bouton terminal

Французский эквивалент термина терминальная бляшка.

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Family identity peculiarities of women who have made the decision to terminate pregnancy and are in

Lukyanchenko Natalya Vladimirovna
In this article we reflect on the relevance of the family identity research of the women who have made the decision to terminate their pregnancy. Family identity is defined as a specific form of personal and group identity that includes three aspects of family and self -perception as a family member: structural, emotional-evaluative and cognitional. Evaluation research of the women in a state of legal and civil marriage is given. General and specific peculiarities of their family identity are emphasized. General peculiarities are interpersonal relationships perception in the family as distanced and family image rigidity. Various active-passive positions inside a married couple, common for women in legal or civil marriages, are attributed to specific peculiarities.
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