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полное осознавание того, что происходит в настоящий момент времени, внимательное отношение ко всей гамме телесных и эмоциональных откликов или реакций, идущих как изнутри самого организма, так и от окружающей его среды (самоосознавание и перцептивное осознавание).

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Источник: С. Гинзер. Международный гештальт-лексикон

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Fostering Positive Transfer through Metalinguistic Awareness: A Case for Parallel Instruction of Syn

Ekaterina Talalakina
Numerous studies on transfer in language learning focus on the nature of transfer, its mechanisms, and its impact on language proficiency and literacy. The majority of implications for teaching methods concern interpretive skills such as reading, whereas the data on effective transfer strategies related to productive skills such as speaking are scarce. This study focuses on speech development based on metacognitive knowledge built into LI (Russian) as a tool for fostering transfer regarding language universals into L2 (English). An intervention experiment involving elementary school students was based on parallel instruction of synonyms as explicit metalinguistic knowledge. The findings show that, in contrast to the control group, participants from the experiment group displayed a significantly higher gain in skills regarding synonyms in L2, even though metacognitive knowledge of the subject was presented in LI. The results of the study suggest that metalinguistic awareness can facilitate transfer and its instruction can be an effective teaching strategy in speech development in early childhood education.
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Russian students’ awareness of and attitudes toward donating to biobanks

Larissa A. Tsvetkova, Natalia A. Antonova
Today in Russia and all over the world significant efforts are invested in building biobanks—specialized facilities for storing biological materials for research and medical purposes. The successful functioning of biobanks depends directly on people’s willingness to donate their biological materials. No previous studies of people’s attitudes toward donations to biobanks have been undertaken in Russia. The goal of this study was to measure attitudes toward biobank donation among young Russians and to evaluate potential sociodemographic and personality factors that play a role in a person’s readiness to become a donor. Data from 542 students at Saint Petersburg State University were collected from group-administered paper-and-pencil questionnaires. Only one-fifth of the students knew about the existence of biobanks, while roughly the same number believed they might have heard something about them but were not absolutely certain. However, the students indicated a relatively high level of readiness to become biobank donors (74%). Willingness to be a biobank donor was correlated significantly with studying biology and was just modestly correlated with students’ values. In addition, we found gender-specific differences in the biobank characteristics that students felt were important in making a decision about whether to donate. The study demonstrated that today the attitudes of the general population (at least, those of the subgroup studied, students) do not pose a problem for the further development of biobanking in Russia.
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Ecological awareness: theory, phenomenon and interpretation

Korotenko V. A.
В статье дается краткий анализ феноменологии экологического сознания с учетом современных исследований в междисциплинарной сфере. Системный подход в описании феномена экологического сознания начал формироваться во второй половине ХХ века. Парадигматической основой для его описания стало укрепившееся к этому времени понимание того, что прогрессирующий экологический кризис существует, его причины в доминирующем техноцентрическом способе человеческой деятельности, и его невозможно преодолеть без изменения господствующего типа мировоззренческих универсалий и специфического сознания, являющихся «психологической базой» экокризиса. Системное психолого-философское описание экологический кризис получил в работах Уайта, Йонаса, Атфилда, Печчеи, Швейцера, Медоуза, Хесле, и др. Ключевой проблемой в этой научной сфере стало исследование процессов развития экологического сознания, которое рассматривается в социогенетическом, онтогенетическом, функциональном, а также педагогическом аспектах.The article provides a brief analysis of the phenomenology of environmental awareness, taking into account current research in an interdisciplinary field. Systematic approach to describe the phenomenon of environmental consciousness began to emerge in the second half of the twentieth century. Paradigmatic basis for his description was entrenched by this time the understanding that progressive environmental crisis exists, it causes in the dominant tehnotsentricheskom the process of human activity, and it can not be overcome without changing the dominant type of worldview universals and specific consciousness, are "psychological base" of ecological crisis. System of psychological and philosophical description of the ecological crisis was in the works White, Jonas, Atfild, Peccei, Schweitzer, Meadows, Heslov, and others. The key problem in this field of science was the study of the processes of development of ecological consciousness, which is considered, functional and sotsiogeneticheskom, ontogenetic and pedagogical aspects.
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Developing teacher-trainees’ assessment awareness in the EFL classroom through project-based learnin

Galichkina Elena
Due to the Russian State Educational Standard, beginning ESL teachers should possess professional competences, including being ready to implement in their classrooms modern methods and techniques of assessing students’ achievement. However, teacher trainees are not provided with opportunities to acquire assessment skills during their learning process. Developing teacher trainees’ professional competencies during a practicum, that is, a four-week period of school-based practice teaching, may be a way to solve this problem. The key aim of the study is to investigate whether experiencing project-based learning (PBL) activity during a content-based course might raise teacher trainees’ assessment awareness and enable them to put assessment skills to practical use in their future classrooms. The methodology of the present study includes developing assessment criteria for selfand peer-reflective weekly journals, developing survey questions and descriptive rubrics for grading oral presentations of PBL activity. The results of the research demonstrate that experiencing a PBL activity as a learner can trigger a deeper assessment awareness of project-based learning activities and can help develop confidence in recognizing teacher trainees’ personal strong points essential for their future professional life. By experiencing a PBL activity, teacher-trainees gain insights about its process and observe how students’ self-awareness and confidence in assessment practice are fostered through authentic tasks during a content-based course. This study therefore proposes that project-based learning activity can raise teacher-trainees’ assessment awareness and should be integrated in the teacher-training ESL course at the Astrakhan State University, Russia.
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The modern Russian teacher: studying awareness with the use of the semi-structured interview

Ilyushin Leonid S., Azbel Anastasia A.
This research is based on the ideas of humanistic-Existential Psychology, a positive approach to personal growth, and modern educational concepts concerning the dynamics of professional and social identity in the stratum of secondary and primary school teachers. The goal of the study is to get an objective picture of the professional and personal changes among Russian teachers under the conditions of school modernization. We offer a detailed model of the semi-structured interview with modern teachers, in combination with observation. The interview consists of 63 questions divided into 9 topics, and deals with issues related to what their professional activities mean to the teachers; the teachers’ evaluation of professional dynamics; their attitude toward various aspects of professional life; and their general world outlook and values. We also briefly describe a pre-interview “warm-up” strategy. This stage of the research resulted in the successful pilot use of the research methodology, and data sufficient to evaluate the initial trends of the analysis of all the data. The study’s main conclusions concern the observation technique, which offers a significant increase in the potential of the interview method, mainly through providing the ability to interpret non-verbal reactions, the level of openness, and the teacher’s trust in the dialogue. Moreover, we must note that, when we asked teachers to answer complicated written questions, their answers, judgments, and arguments varied greatly, regardless of their professional and personal characteristics (employment history, qualification category, the subject they teach, type of school, etc.)
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