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полное осознавание того, что происходит в настоящий момент времени, внимательное отношение ко всей гамме телесных и эмоциональных откликов или реакций, идущих как изнутри самого организма, так и от окружающей его среды (самоосознавание и перцептивное осознавание).

Источник: Гинзер С. Международный гештальт-лексикон

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Fostering Positive Transfer through Metalinguistic Awareness: A Case for Parallel Instruction of Syn

Ekaterina Talalakina
Numerous studies on transfer in language learning focus on the nature of transfer, its mechanisms, and its impact on language proficiency and literacy.
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Russian students’ awareness of and attitudes toward donating to biobanks

Larissa A. Tsvetkova, Ksenia Y. Eritsyan, Natalia A. Antonova
Today in Russia and all over the world significant efforts are invested in building biobanks—specialized facilities for storing biological materials for research and medical purposes.
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Ecological awareness: theory, phenomenon and interpretation

Korotenko V. A.
В статье дается краткий анализ феноменологии экологического сознания с учетом современных исследований в междисциплинарной сфере.
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Developing teacher-trainees’ assessment awareness in the EFL classroom through project-based learnin

Galichkina Elena
Due to the Russian State Educational Standard, beginning ESL teachers should possess professional competences, including being ready to implement in their classrooms modern methods and techniques of assessing students’ achievement
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The modern Russian teacher: studying awareness with the use of the semi-structured interview

Ilyushin Leonid S., Azbel Anastasia A.
This research is based on the ideas of humanistic-Existential Psychology, a positive approach to personal growth, and modern educational concepts concerning the dynamics of professional and social identity in the stratum of second
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Cross-cultural awareness

Буряк Н.Ю.
The article deals with the importance of cultural awareness for businesspeople when they go abroad. It also gives some cultural advice and factors which are thought to be the most important in creating a culture.
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Prevalence, awareness, control and risk factors of prehypertension and hypertension in five Indian c

Singh R. B., Fedacko Jan , Wilson D. W.
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Yezidi Kurds in Georgia: ethnic self-awareness and consolidation

Komakhia Mamuka
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Backed by the sky - satellite applications as a tool for a better situational awareness evaluation i

Ryzenko Jakub
Данная статья представляет выводы, вытекающие из экспериментального использования интегрированной информационной среды основанной на спутниковой технике для поддержи командования во время маневров кризисного управления и спасения.
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Awareness of osteoporosis among female employees in Kerman, Iran

Safizadeh Mansoureh , Aminizadeh Elahe , Safizadeh Hossein
Background Osteoporosis is a chronic multi-factorial disease characterized as low bone density and microarchitecture disturbance of bone tissue.
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Awareness about high blood pressure, care for own health and prevention of high blood pressure among

Mirzoulugbek Mirmakhmudovich Mirsaydullayev, Nematjon Solievich Mamasaliyev
An epidemic research was organized and carried out, in which representative choice from HIV-positive people from Namangan and Ferghana regions at the age of from 20 to 50 and older with the amount of 341 people.
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Environmental noise Directive implementation: state of art, public participation and noise awareness

Luzzi S., Natale R., Carfagni M., Borchi F., Bartalucci C.
In this paper some aspects of the Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC (END) state of implementation in EU countries are presented with special regard to public information and participation in action plans and to the experien